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Hello beautiful Ommies! 


Mark your calendars and set reminders. Plan to get comfortable, relax, and enjoy. Our Global Reiki Session for this month will begin on Thursday, March 18 at 9 PM EST. 


How does it work?Some might say, “Effortlessly.” You can’t do anything wrong and Reiki will only ever help. This letter should provide some answers to your most pressing questions.


What should I do during the Global Reiki Session?


It’s okay to rest or fall asleep during the session. Relaxation is helpful to receive Reiki but not necessary. By the practitioners’ intention, Reiki will reach you at the time and place you are most open and available to receive it, eyes open or closed.


Devices aren’t required for this session. We understand, however, some people like to use a meditation video to aid in relaxation, so if that’s you, follow this link (_______INSERT LINK_________) This meditation is only a visual aid and watching it is optional. You can also use the still image below. If you prefer to receive Reiki in silence, or prefer to play your own soft music, you are most welcome to receive it in the manner that serves you best. 













So how exactly do you connect and receive distance Reiki? Connecting with this session is as easy as making a wish or whispering a prayer. It’s effortless!  Simply intend. Say the following out loud:  “I intend to be included in OmWithMe’s Reiki Share on March 18, 2021. I intend to receive Reiki energy for my highest good.” 


You can also take a moment now to give permission to include your children and/or pets. You can even include your plants in the Reiki session, too!


If there is another adult you’d like to include, please get their permission. The easiest way to do so is to share this welcome letter with them and invite them to register.


Although many people are scheduled to participate in the Global Reiki Session, Reiki personally works with each person’s energy on all levels -- mind, body, emotions, subtle energy centers, energy pathways, biofield, and spirit. As practitioners, we’re taught Reiki is unlimited, infinitely compassionate, and eternally wise, so soak up its restorative vibrations and tune into the frequencies as if you were a tuning fork coming into resonance with peace and goodness. 


Donations are welcome: OmWithYou Global Reiki Session is free. We do however recognize the importance that many people in our spiritual community place on equal exchanges of energies. If you’d like, you may make a donation in exchange for the session, please click here to do so. All donations are received with appreciation and a blessing that your gift be returned to you multiplied.


In closing, thank you for your interest in this month’s Global Reiki Session. There is so much struggle and pain in our world right now. Please spread a little love and light by forwarding this newsletter to someone who might enjoy the benefits of Reiki so they can register for the upcoming session, too. 




DISCLAIMER: provides education, coaching and biofield energy work by live, certified Reiki professionals. It is not intended to replace emergency services, health care, physical or psychological therapies. We are not medical doctors and do not prescribe, diagnosis, treat, or test any health conditions. Please see your medical doctors and team and follow their treatment plans. Our energetic and spiritual work is complementary to conventional Western medicine. If medical services are needed, please seek care from a licensed health professional. 


Receive a waterfall of love & Reiki from this picture

 just by gazing at it

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