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Allie is a compassionate and talented reiki master. She puts you at ease explaining the possibilities of the reiki experience and creates a safe nurturing environment. I felt renewed after sitting by the camp fire and feeling the collective energy of our group that was harnessed by Allie' s wonderful spirit. Allie is a blessing. Anna Curtis

I love experiencing a distant reiki session from Allison Wasko!  I am able to relax in my own home and let her soothing voice and gentle instruction release all my worries to the Universe.  I often fall asleep during the session and wake the next morning full of energy and with new clarity.  I am often amazed at the new thoughts that are then present to tackle problems that were always churning in the back of my mind. Her distant reiki sessions are something you have to experience to believe! Susan Allison-Dean, MS, RN, AHN-BC, CCAP

I just had my session with Allison (Allie) Wasko today. She is such a kind, warm, loving soul! I immediately started crying to her about why I was there. She sat there and comforted me. During my session I could literally feel her calming energy transferring to me. It was electric! I had never done reiki before this. I didn’t know what to expect even. I feel like a wave washed me clean & took away my sorrows. She focused on the certain chakras & made them all smoothed out. Her voice is so relaxing and soothing. She listens to you. She genuinely cares. She has like an unconditional love energy that exudes from her.. almost like you have known her for years. Very comforting & therapeutic. I highly recommend her!!

Thank you Allie! 

PS.. as soon as I walked outside her office to my car, I noticed a very relaxed gentle deer just feet away from me. I was shocked it wasn’t scared or running away from me. It let me talk to it and everything. Maybe it was a spirit animal or guide? I don’t know.. but I don’t think it was a coincidence. VetePal Carajo

Energy Healing
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