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ReikiStreams is here to help you find peace and relaxation through Reiki. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve a sense of balance and calm to assist the body's natural healing process. Life can be busy and chaotic, and it is my goal to provide my clients with the energetic support they need to reduce harmful effects stress has in their lives. 


I am committed to helping clients reach their highest potential. Whether you’re looking for a sense of relaxation or a deeper understanding of your own energy, I can help. 

Our office sessions begin with a pre-Reiki energy balancing technique focusing on the major energy centers of the body (chakras). Sessions then continue with traditional, holistic, gentle and non-invasive Reiki hand positions. Reiki practitioners hover their hands over key positions of the client's body while clients rest on a massage table. At times during the session, gentle touch is applied to specific areas like the back of the head, shoulders, arms, hands, knees. Clients who are sensitive to touch can request that their in-person treatment be entirely hands-off. Guided meditations are sometimes, but not always, incorporated in office sessions.


ReikiStreams' distance sessions almost always include a phone call with a guided meditation for convenience and reassurance, but Reiki can be sent without the use of a telephone simply by designating a time that's convenient for you to rest and receive it. Please inquire about a silent distance session at the time of booking, if that is your preference.

Learn Reiki and get attuned to Universal Life Force energy in group classes here in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, on at a beautiful destination on a ReikiStream retreat. Online courses are offered several times a year in convenient, live, interactive Zoom classes. All levels of traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, and Holy Fire® III Reiki courses are available. Learn more here, or by contacting us. In addition, individual or classes for small groups are available to those liking personalized attention, a deeper dive into the content, and flexible times. We can come up with an individual  course schedule that works for any busy lifestyle. Certifications are issued following the completion of all courses and students are generally qualified to practice professionally after Level II instruction. Students become teachers following a completion of a Level 3 ReikiStreams Reiki course.

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